Location: New York City

Location: New York City

The Space
On the corner of W 48th Street and 5th Avenue.
FCR has access to an extensive patient population in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
4 private patient interview offices, 1 monitor/visitor office, 1 examination room, 1 waiting room with cable television.
Expansive floor to ceiling shelving and storage space

The Medication Closet
Temperature controlled and daily min/max monitoring
Floor to ceiling secure closet with limited access
Custom built enclosed triple-locked narcotic cabinet with limited access
Ample space to store equipment needed for device studies

The Laboratory
All equipment is calibrated annually by an independent biometrics company
Digital and manual blood pressure device and weight scale
Ambient and refrigerated centrifuge
Dedicated -25° F freezer, temperature monitored
Ample storage space for study lab kits, access to dry ice and courier pick-up service daily
Dedicated stainless 2-8° C refrigerator, temperature monitored and secured by a stainless steel padlock
Fully equipped laboratory set up for venipuncture IV infusions and injections

The Technology
Secure WiFi connection throughout the office, multi-line
Dedicated fax machine/copier
State of the art computers/scanners
Updated daily CRM software holding our growing database of current and potential subjects across various therapeutic areas

EDC Systems
iMedidata RAVE
Oracle Clinical
Oracle RDC
Phase Forward Inform
PRA Data Labs

IWRS Systems
iMedidata Balance
Premier Research i360

Hospital/Emergency Access
Site location to New York University Langone Medicatl Center < 1 mile
5+ hospitals located in the Manhattan area

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